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City seeks insight on future of child care in Rossland

Trail Daily Times - 11/8/2022


In 2021 the City of Rossland's Economic Development Task Force, in collaboration with ThoughtExchange, engaged members of the local business community regarding the roadblocks to economic development in Rossland.

The results of the survey indicated that access to childcare is a significant challenge in Rossland both for families and employers.

The Economic Development Task Force has retained Bock and Associates from Trail, to complete a Childcare Needs Assessment to inform and advance decisions on how to support the future of childcare services in the community of Rossland.

The city has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, increasing from a population of 3,555 in 2011 to 4,140 in 2021, a growth rate of over 16 per cent.

While the most significant change in population by age group has been in the age 65+ age category, it is important to note that those in the 25-39 age category has grown by 25 percent over this 10-year period.

The percentage growth of 20-44 age group is overtaking the ages 45-64 age group suggesting that in the coming years, the community will see an increase in the number of children and hence the related need for additional childcare.

There are two separate surveys targeting different audiences and we are hoping to hear from as many members of the community as possible.

The first survey is designed for current or future parents, guardians as well as other individuals in the community directly involved with caring for children.

The second survey is designed specifically for employers in Rossland.

The surveys will be available between Nov. 4 and Nov. 20 and online and hard copies are available at city hall.

Please share this opportunity with family, neighbours and business leaders.

The more knowledge we gather from those directly affected by this community concern the clearer the childcare needs and options will be available to the Economic Development Task Force and Council.

To find the surveys visit the city's website:

Click on the "Have Your Say: Rossland Childcare Study" link to access the survey for employers and the survey for parents/guardians.